Whole House Filters

Filter Prep water filtration systems make it easy to enjoy cleaner, healthier, better tasting water throughout your home. Whether for drinking, cooking, bathing or laundry, Filter Prep will improve the quality of your water.

Your water could contain chemical contaminants from pesticides, petroleum, solvents, or a variety of sources. Some water contains lead, mercury or other heavy metals. Filter Prep has a variety of units to remove these contaminants.

With a Filter Prep water filtration system, you can protect appliances, household plumbing, and your water heater by reducing sediment, sand or rust that can damage plumbing and appliances.

Filter Prep automatic filters can eliminate iron, sulfur and odor from your water supply 24 hours a day, in most cases, without having filter cartridges to change or chemicals to purchase.

Filtration Options for Removing Nature’s Contaminants

Different media will be used in your whole house filtering equipment based on the type of contaminate that needs to be removed.

Activated Carbon - Used for taste, odor, chlorine and organics removal including VOCs. The 12 x 40 mesh size traps particles of 30 micron and larger.

Centaur NDS 12X40 Granular Activated Carbon - A high grade catalytic carbon excellent for removing chloramines and hydrogen sulfide from potable waters.

Neutralizing Crushed Marble - A sacrificial media that dissolves in acidic water to create a neutral water. This process adds some hardness to the water. Crushed marble, a mined material, is used in its natural state.

Pyrolox - A naturally mined ore, Pyrolox is a mineral form of manganese dioxide used in reducing hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese.

Filter-AGA - lightweight, silica, crystalline quartz media with excellent filtering capability, requiring lower backwash flow rates.

Filter-AG Plus - A clinoptilolite natural media with a large surface area and microporous structure used for the reduction of suspended matter.

KDF - A bi-metal copper and zinc material used for iron and hydrogen sulfide removal. KDF can control bacteria, algae and fungus growth.

Birm - A lightweight catalytic filter media used for removing iron and manganese via oxidation. The oxidized iron or manganese is then filtered.  Birm has an inert core coated with manganese dioxide.

Manganese Greensand - A glutonite greensand that is a catalytic material for the removal of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. The media is intermittently regenerated with potassium permanganate or continuously with chlorine or a chlorine and potassium permanganate mixture.

Multi-Media - Multi-media is reverse graded layers of filter medias. The layered process allows for higher flow rates plus filtration down to 10 micron-sized particles. Works well for sediment, turbidity and red water iron.

ZEO Prep - Filters down to 5 microns. Excellent for removing suspended iron, manganese and turbidity. Removes dissolved iron, hardness and manganese through ion exchange. Can be regenerated with salt brine. Zeo Prep filters solids like nothing else. Zeo Prep’s ion exchange properties make it a dual purpose option for problem water.

Water Treatment Solutions

Charger Water Treatment Products solutions are custom configured to meet your specific needs. A Charger Water Treatment Dealer will visit your home to conduct a water quality test and site assessment that includes:

Your Water Treatment Professional will analyze the test results and make recommendations on the type and size of equipment that will best take care of your water quality problems and fit your lifestyle. Depending on the test results additional equipment such as Iron & H₂S Filters,Whole House Filters, Scale Control Device or Point-of-Use System may also be recommended.

Filter Prep Water Filters with WS1 1" Control Valve

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